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Картины с животными

  • aelbert-cuyp-cows-in-a-river.jpg

    Aelbert Cuyp Cows in a River

  • benjamin-marshall-broodmare-with-foal-and-a-terrier.jpg

    Benjamin Marshall Broodmare with Foal and a Terrier

  • benjamin-marshall-diamond-with-dennis-fitzpatrick-up.jpg

    Benjamin Marshall Diamond with Dennis Fitzpatrick Up

  • bruno-liljefors-a-fox-family.jpg

    Bruno Liljefors A Fox Family

  • bruno-liljefors-hawk-and-black-game.jpg

    Bruno Liljefors Hawk and Black Game

  • bruno-liljefors-jays.jpg

    Bruno Liljefors Jays

  • charles-cooper-henderson-mail-coaches-on-the-road.jpg

    Charles Cooper Henderson Mail Coaches on the Road

  • charles-hancock-gentlemens-carriages-a-cabriolet.jpg

    Charles Hancock Gentlemens Carriages A Cabriolet

  • charles-hancock-two-greyhounds-in-a-landscape.jpg

    Charles Hancock Two Greyhounds in a Landscape

  • charles-towne-three-horses-in-a-stormy-landscape.jpg

    Charles Towne Three Horses in a Stormy Landscape

  • cradock-marmaduke-mallards-on-a-pond.jpg

    Cradock, Marmaduke Mallards on a Pond

  • edmund-bristow-a-bay-horse-in-a-field.jpg

    Edmund Bristow A Bay Horse in a Field

  • francis-barlow-jay-green-woodpecker-pigeons-and-redstart.jpg

    Francis Barlow Jay Green Woodpecker Pigeons and Redstart

  • george-garrard-a-bay-horse-approached-by-a-stable-lad-with-food-and-a-halter.jpg

    George Garrard A Bay Horse Approached by a Stable Lad with Food and a Halter

  • george-garrard-portrait-of-a-racehorse-possibly-disguise-the-property-of-the-duke-of-hamilton.jpg

    George Garrard Portrait of a Racehorse Possibly Disguise the Property of the Duke of Hamilton

  • george-garrard-ranger-a-setter-the-property-of-elizabeth-gray.jpg

    George Garrard Ranger a setter the property of Elizabeth Gray

  • george-garrard-turk-a-greyhound-the-property-of-george-lane-fox.jpg

    George Garrard Turk a greyhound the property of George Lane Fox

  • george-henry-laporte-grey-arabian-mare-and-foal-with-a-family.jpg

    George Henry Laporte Grey Arabian mare and foal with a family

  • george-henry-laporte-mameluke-purchasing-an-arabian-stallion.jpg

    George Henry Laporte Mameluke purchasing an Arabian stallion

  • george-stubbs-hound-coursing-a-stag.jpg

    George Stubbs Hound Coursing a Stag

  • george-stubbs-a-lion-attacking-a-stag.jpg

    George Stubbs A Lion Attacking a Stag

  • george-stubbs-a-monkey.jpg

    George Stubbs A Monkey

  • george-stubbs-a-saddled-bay-hunter.jpg

    George Stubbs A Saddled Bay Hunter

  • george-stubbs-brown-and-white-norfolk-or-water-spaniel.jpg

    George Stubbs Brown and White Norfolk or Water Spaniel

  • george-stubbs-bulls-fighting.jpg

    George Stubbs Bulls Fighting

  • george-stubbs-horse-frightened-by-a-lion.jpg

    George Stubbs Horse Frightened by a Lion

  • george-stubbs-horse-frightened-by-a-lion-2.jpg

    George Stubbs Horse Frightened by a Lion 2

  • george-stubbs-zebra.jpg

    George Stubbs Zebra

  • hans-hoffmann-a-hare-in-the-forest.jpg

    Hans Hoffmann A Hare in the Forest

  • jacob-bogdani-a-macaw-ducks-parrots-and-other-birds-in-a-landscape.jpg

    Jacob Bogdani A Macaw Ducks Parrots and Other Birds in a Landscape

  • jacob-bogdani-peacock-peahen-parrots-canary-and-other-birds-in-a-park.jpg

    Jacob Bogdani Peacock peahen parrots canary and other birds in a park

  • jacques-laurent-agasse-a-ladys-grey-hunter.jpg

    Jacques Laurent Agasse A Ladys Grey Hunter

  • jacques-laurent-agasse-clouded-leopards.jpg

    Jacques Laurent Agasse Clouded Leopards

  • jacques-laurent-agasse-group-of-whelps-bred-between-a-lion-and-a-tigress.jpg

    Jacques Laurent Agasse Group of Whelps Bred between a Lion and a Tigress

  • jacques-laurent-agasse-the-wellesley-grey-arabian-led-through-the-desert.jpg

    Jacques Laurent Agasse The Wellesley Grey Arabian Led through the Desert

  • jacques-laurent-agasse-tiger-in-a-cave.jpg

    Jacques Laurent Agasse Tiger in a Cave

  • jacques-laurent-agasse-zebra.jpg

    Jacques Laurent Agasse Zebra

  • james-ward-a-hunter-in-a-landscape.jpg

    James Ward A Hunter in a Landscape

  • james-ward-dr-syntax-a-bay-racehorse-standing-in-a-coastal-landscape-an-estuary-beyond.jpg

    James Ward Dr. Syntax a Bay Racehorse Standing in a Coastal Landscape an Estuary Beyond

  • james-ward-eagle-a-celebrated-stallion.jpg

    James Ward Eagle a Celebrated Stallion

  • james-ward-grey-arabian-stallion-the-property-of-sir-watkin-williams-wynn.jpg

    James Ward Grey Arabian stallion the property of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn

  • james-ward-hunter-in-a-landscape.jpg

    James Ward Hunter in a landscape

  • james-ward-portrait-of-reformer-blucher-tory-and-crib-the-property-of-rowland-alston.jpg

    James Ward Portrait of Reformer Blucher Tory and Crib the Property of Rowland Alston

  • james-ward-portraits-of-two-extraordinary-oxen-the-property-of-the-earl-of-powis.jpg

    James Ward Portraits of two extraordinary oxen the property of the Earl of Powis

  • james-ward-ravager-one-of-the-lambton-hounds.jpg

    James Ward Ravager One of the Lambton Hounds

  • james-ward-rough-coated-collie.jpg

    James Ward Rough Coated Collie

  • james-ward-ryelands-sheep-the-kings-ram-the-kings-ewe-and-lord-somervilles-wether.jpg

    James Ward Ryelands Sheep the Kings Ram the Kings Ewe and Lord Somervilles Wether

  • jan-breughel-ii-paradise-landscape-with-animals.jpg

    Jan Breughel Ii Paradise Landscape with Animals

  • jean-baptiste-oudry-l-hallali-du-loup.jpg

    Jean baptiste Oudry L hallali du loup

  • john-boultbee-a-bay-horse-in-a-field.jpg

    John Boultbee A Bay Horse in a Field

  • john-boultbee-a-grey-arab-stallion-in-a-desert-landscape.jpg

    John Boultbee A Grey Arab Stallion in a Desert Landscape

  • john-ferneley-study-of-a-saddled-bay-hunter.jpg

    John Ferneley Study of a Saddled Bay Hunter

  • john-ferneley-william-massey-stanley-driving-his-cabriolet-in-hyde-park.jpg

    John Ferneley William Massey Stanley driving his Cabriolet in Hyde Park

  • john-frederick-herring-a-clydesdale-stallion.jpg

    John Frederick Herring A Clydesdale Stallion

  • john-frederick-lewis-gray-mare-and-a-chestnut-foal.jpg

    John Frederick Lewis Gray Mare and a Chestnut Foal

  • john-frederick-lewis-study-of-a-lioness.jpg

    John Frederick Lewis Study of a Lioness

  • john-wootton-a-grey-spotted-hound.jpg

    John Wootton A Grey Spotted Hound

  • joseph-siffrein-duplessis-benjamin-franklin.jpg

    Joseph Siffrein Duplessis Benjamin Franklin

  • paulus-potter-the-piebald-horse.jpg

    Paulus Potter The Piebald Horse

  • peter-casteels-domestic-cock-hens-and-chicks-in-a-park.jpg

    Peter Casteels Domestic cock hens and chicks in a park

  • peter-paul-rubens-saddled-horse.jpg

    Peter Paul Rubens Saddled Horse

  • robert-wilkinson-padley-a-dun-diver-goosander.jpg

    Robert Wilkinson Padley A Dun Diver Goosander

  • rosa-bonheur-ploughing-in-nevers.jpg

    Rosa Bonheur Ploughing in Nevers

  • sawrey-gilpin-gulliver-taking-his-final-leave-of-the-land-of-the-houyhnhnms.jpg

    Sawrey Gilpin Gulliver Taking His Final Leave of the Land of the Houyhnhnms

  • sawrey-gilpin-three-hunters-in-a-rocky-landscape.jpg

    Sawrey Gilpin Three Hunters in a Rocky Landscape

  • shishkin-ivan-morning-in-a-pine-forest.jpg

    Shishkin Ivan Morning in a Pine Forest

  • sir-edwin-henry-landseer-favourites-the-property-of-h-r-h-prince-george-of-cambridge.jpg

    Sir Edwin Henry Landseer Favourites the Property of H.R.H. Prince George of Cambridge

  • study-of-birds.jpg

    Study of Birds

  • theodore-gericault-two-horses.jpg

    Theodore Gericault Two Horses

  • thomas-woodward-grey-shooting-pony-probably-the-property-of-johnston-king-with-a-groom.jpg

    Thomas Woodward Grey Shooting Pony Probably the Property of Johnston King with a Groom

  • william-barraud-a-couple-of-foxhounds-with-a-terrier-the-property-of-lord-henry-bentinck.jpg

    William Barraud A Couple of Foxhounds with a Terrier the property of Lord Henry Bentinck

  • william-webb-a-blenheim-spaniel.jpg

    William Webb A Blenheim Spaniel