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Сцены охоты

  • benjamin-marshall-foxhunting-scene.jpg

    Benjamin Marshall Foxhunting Scene

  • benjamin-marshall-george-marquess-of-huntly-later-5th-duke-of-gordon-on-tiny.jpg

    Benjamin Marshall George Marquess of Huntly later 5th Duke of Gordon on Tiny

  • benjamin-marshall-portrait-of-a-sportsman-possibly-richard-prince.jpg

    Benjamin Marshall Portrait of a Sportsman Possibly Richard Prince

  • edwin-w-cooper-of-beccles-a-sportsman-with-shooting-pony-and-gun-dogs.jpg

    Edwin W. Cooper of Beccles A Sportsman with Shooting Pony and Gun Dogs

  • francis-calcraft-turner-bachelors-hall-breaking-cover.jpg

    Francis Calcraft Turner Bachelors Hall Breaking Cover

  • francis-calcraft-turner-bachelors-hall-full-cry.jpg

    Francis Calcraft Turner Bachelors Hall Full Cry

  • francis-calcraft-turner-bachelors-hall-the-death.jpg

    Francis Calcraft Turner Bachelors Hall The Death

  • francis-calcraft-turner-bachelors-hall-the-meet.jpg

    Francis Calcraft Turner Bachelors Hall The Meet

  • frans-snyders-and-workshop-the-boar-hunt.jpg

    Frans Snyders and workshop The boar hunt

  • henry-thomas-alken-hunting-scene-in-full-cry.jpg

    Henry Thomas Alken Hunting Scene In Full Cry

  • henry-thomas-alken-hunting-scene-the-kill.jpg

    Henry Thomas Alken Hunting Scene The Kill

  • henry-thomas-alken-hunting-scene-the-meet.jpg

    Henry Thomas Alken Hunting Scene The Meet

  • henry-thomas-alken-partridge-shooting.jpg

    Henry Thomas Alken Partridge Shooting

  • henry-thomas-alken-pheasant-shooting.jpg

    Henry Thomas Alken Pheasant Shooting

  • jacques-laurent-agasse-nine-greyhounds-in-a-landscape.jpg

    Jacques Laurent Agasse Nine Greyhounds in a Landscape

  • jan-wyck-hare-hunting.jpg

    Jan Wyck Hare Hunting

  • john-dalby-beagles-in-full-cry.jpg

    John Dalby Beagles in Full Cry

  • john-dalby-foxhunting-clearing-a-bank.jpg

    John Dalby Foxhunting Clearing a Bank

  • john-ferneley-the-drag-of-sir-watkin-williams-wynn.jpg

    John Ferneley The Drag of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn

  • john-ferneley-thomas-wilkinson-with-the-hurworth-foxhounds.jpg

    John Ferneley Thomas Wilkinson with the Hurworth Foxhounds

  • john-frederick-herring-exercising-the-royal-horses.jpg

    John Frederick Herring Exercising the Royal Horses

  • john-frederick-herring-foxhunting-clearing-a-ditch.jpg

    John Frederick Herring Foxhunting Clearing a Ditch

  • pynacker-adam-landscape-with-sportsmen-and-game.jpg

    Pynacker Adam Landscape with Sportsmen and Game